Anna, 18, Poland.

★☆★★SPORT: volleyball, handball, tennis, snooker, ski jumping, alpine skiing, football, cross-country skiing

★★☆★MUSIC: Afromental, Enej, Within Temptation, U2, Depeche Mode, Epica, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson

★★★☆MOVIES: The Green Mile, Pianist, The Lion King, Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Shining, Awkward.

☆★★★ACTORS: Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Goran Visnjic, Helena Bonham-Carter, Liv Tyler

★☆★★CURRENT OBSESSION: World Cup, Brazil NT and Neymar Jr 
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Don’t quit. It doesn’t matter if you find a barrier in front of you, if someone pushes you down, saying you’re not good. It happens to everyone, it happened to me.
You have to believe in your dreams. It’s hard, but you must believe if you have a dream. Since I started to believe that everything was possible, everything is turning reality. By Neymar Jr. (x)

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and i did the math and realized davi was made (if you know what i mean) in like december 2010 around like christmas so ney and carolina probably had their freak on during this festive month and they were like 18 and 17 so this means ney was a very sexually active teenager and i don’t know where exactly im going with this post BUT DO YOU UNDERSTAND